Deanna Stoppler 
Horse & Sole Hoof Care LLC

Graduate of Mission Farrier School
Mission Farrier School, Snohomish, WA
May 2012

Bachelor of Arts in English, minor in Environmental Studies
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
December 2006

Continuing Education 
Fundamentals of Horse Shoeing, Mark Caldwell, October 2020, Online course

Trimming and Related Pathology of the Coffin Bone, Mike Savoldi, March 2019

Understanding Basic Equine Podiatry and Mechanics, Ric Redden, February 2019

AAPF/IAPF Farrier Foundation Credential, February 2017 (24 credits)
14th Annual International Hoof-care Summit, Cincinnati, OH, January 2017 (24 credits)

Basics of Reading Radiographs, Dr Kellon, November 2016
Clinician for EasyCare Glue On Workshop, Snohomish, WA,  July 2016 (8.5 credits)
Mentorship with President and CEO of Easy Care, Inc, Garrett Ford, Durango, CO, May 2016
Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners Conference, Del Mar, CA, March 2016 (14 credits)
13th Annual International Hoof-care Summit, Cincinnati, OH, February 2016 (24 credits) 

Cornell Farrier Conference, Ithaca, NY (12 credits)
Mentoring with Bob Pethick, APF, CJF, Bedminster, NH, October 2015 (20 credits) 
28th Annual Farrier & Veterinarian Conference, Rochester, NH, October 2015 (14 credits) 
Mentoring for Ellen Willis, Rochester, NH, September 2015 (12 credits)
Hoof Rehabilitation Clinic with Pete Ramey, Hardwick, VT, June 2015 (6 credits)
Anatomy of the Equine Hoof Dissection Clinic, Waterbury, VT, June 2015 (6 credits)
Esco Buff Farriery Techniques Clinic, Maine, NY, May 2015 (15 Credits)
Meader Supply Farrier Appreciation Day, Rochester, NH , April 2015 (7 Credits)
Shoeing the Sporthorse and Shoe Modifications with Bob Pethick, Rochester, NH, April 2015 (6 Credits)
Venogram Clinic with Dr. Sammy Pittman, Chazy, NY, April 2015 (6 Credits)
Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoof Care, Cadaver Hoof Clinic, Boxford, MA, January 2015  (17 credits)
AAPF/CAPF When Nailing Is Questionable Webinar, January 2015 (1 Credit)

AAPF/CAPF Horsemanship for Farriers Webinar, November 2014 (1 Credit)
Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoof Care, Hoof Distortion Workshop, Chichester, NH, July 2014 (35 Credits)
EasyCare Glue and Nail Webinar, June 2014 (1 Credit)
AAPF/CAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic, Bromont, QC, May 2014 (6 Credits)
Meader Supply Farrier Appreciation Day, Rochester, NH, April 2014 (8 Credits)
AAPF/CAPF Get the Facts About Farrier Insurance Webinar, February 2014 (1 Credit)
11th Annual International Hoof-care Summit, OH, January 2014 (27 Credits)

Daisy Haven Farm Hoof Workshop, North Clarendon, VT, September 2013 (28 Credits)
Dr Esco Buff’s Summer Summit, Webster, NY, August 2013 (17 Credits)
AFJ Using Hoof Boots in Your Farrier Practice Webinar, May 2013 (1 Credit)
Identifying Hoof Capsule Distortion, Parkesburg, PA, May 2013 (30 Credits)
Principles of Postural Rehabilitation, Parkesburg, PA, April 2013 (9 Credits)
Daisy Haven Farm Hoof Cadaver Workshop, Vestal, NY, February 2013 (18 Credits)

Recipient of the 2015 AAPF Roy Bloom Scholarship

Tevis Cup Easyboot Elite, Auburn, California, July 2016
Tevis Cup Easyboot Elite, Auburn, California, July 2015
Hoofcare trip to Alberta, Canada, August 2014
Hoofcare trip to Lagos, Nigeria, December 2013
Hoofcare trip to Bellville, Ohio, October 2013


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