Barefoot trimming
Therapeutic Shoeing
Glue-on Shoes

My goal is to help your horse remain sound and healthy in his environment. When trimming I consider terrain, environment (wet versus dry), dietary concerns, conformation, anatomy, and hoof proportions.

Shoeing options range from steel, aluminum, and composite. Depending on your horses needs, packages could include flat pads, wedge pads, multipurpose plates and certain types of packing such as pour-in packing, soft packing, or firmer, impression material packing.

Some horses are born with or develop pathologies such as foal laxity, laminitis, navicular, ring bone, and degenerative suspensory ligament disease, etc. Therapeutic shoeing can significantly aid in helping the horse remain comfortable or return to soundness.  I am happy to communicate and work with your vet in these cases.


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